The Makeupology Story

Makeupology noun


definition: The study of makeup both products and the art form.

Makeupology is a brand devoted to creating innovative products that solve common problems faced by makeup artists. Our current product the Utility Belt was designed out of a need for something that would help artists function more efficiently in a fast paced environment where there was a need to be mobile, and organized. As a professional makeup artists it is very important to keep your work space clean, and the utility belt makes that process drastically easier.

Founder Brittany Thacker pictured below began the process of developing the Utility Belt in 2015 when she realized there was no product on the market that would accomplish what she needed. Starting from just a scrappy sketch she consulted with a local Atlanta professional seamstress to bring the drawing to life. 7 Prototypes later and the Makeupology Utility Belt was born. 

"As a professional makeup artist I was always looking for ways to cut my time and honestly to make more money in a smaller amount of time without sacrificing I scoured the internet for a belt that had a ton of storage, was extremely compartmentalized but wasn't bulky...and I just couldn't find that so I decided to make it myself."

- Brittany Thacker

Makeupology Founder