Try out our PATENT PENDING Makeup Utility Belt!!! 


Made of 3 removable pouches, this  highly customizable belt is a MUST-have for the makeup artist looking to cut there time in half and keep their work area clean. Made from a durable easy to clean vinyl, and mesh the Makeupology Utility Belt is minimal in size with maximum storage capacity. Not only is this belt the most killer design on the market, it has been field tested by industry professionals to get JUST the right design to make your job easier. 



5 pieces

  • Poly Belt with parachute clasp, and metal adjusters  
  • Hygiene Pouch
    • Dimensions: L 11" X W 7"
    • 3 Pockets to house bottles that hold liquids including but not limited to, makeup remover, alcohol, hand sanitizer, brush cleaner, and etc. (Bottles not included with purchase) 
      • 1 Pouch for travel size towlettes or facial tissues. 
      • 1 Medium mesh pocket
      • 2 Small clear vinyl pockets 
      • 1 Large Hidden zipper pocket for extra supplies and storage
  • Brush Pouch
    • Dimensions: L 11" X W 7.5"
    • 23 brush slots varying in length and size.
    • 3 Pockets 
    • 1 Clear protective vinyl flap
    • 2 Expandable closures with snaps to secure protective flap
    • 1 Slot for business cards 
  • Trash bin
    • Dimensions: W 2.75 " X L 2.75" X H 5"
    • Secured onto belt with 2 snaps
    • Ability to quickly remove for trash disposal
    • Lined with vinyl for easy cleaning, and sanitization
    • Can also be used for holding dirty brushes, and other materials/items

Makeupology Utility Belt